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Dear Sirs!
The main aim of our enterprise's body, which has a many years' experience in production of electronic equipment in conditions of market respects and critical competition on the market of means of telecommunication and computer engineering techniques, is to keep priority in production of commutation's systems for rural and departemental telephone networks, means of computer engineering techniques and systems on its base.

We consider that the main aim in satisfaction of consumers' demand is to provide quality of our production. The system of production quality of automatic telephone exchanges "Beta", personal electronic computers BM2002, printed circuit boards, cash registers are certificated in the quality system STB ISO 9001.

40-year experience of electronic engineering's production, highly skilled engineers and other technical workers and production staff, developed services of production training, perfect organization framework of enterprise's control are the basis of our success's assurance of enterprise's strategy.

I welcome You on behalf of our enterprise's body and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
The general director of "MPOVT" A. Marsul



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  • 6 января 2011
    Updates to the site

    Updated and added «Contact us» page

  • 29 июня 2010
    Update on site

    Added section "Primary Multiplexers" (Russian and English versions)

  • 22 июня 2010
    Added new sections in the English version of site

    Significantly updated English version of the site. In particular, added sections on the system CNC "Iris M64, automotive electronics, ATMs, jumper equipment, printed circuit boards, etc.

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