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1956 year The Union Enterprise took a decision to build in Minsk a plant, which will produce electronic Production computers.

1959 year First industrial building was put into operation and first electronic computers M3 with quickness of acting 30 operations in second and an efficient memory 1024 words were produced. It was one in first serial local computers of the first generation, which was worked out by the Moskow Energy Institute.

1960 year Output of electronic computers "Minsk" of the first generation was began. 14 models of electronic computers of common and special use were supplied in national economy's and defensive complex. It was an electronic computer "Minsk-1" and its modification:"Minsk-11", "Minsk-12", "Minsk-14", "Minsk-16", "Minsk-100". In that very year Minsk Plant of Calculating Machine has been given the name of eminent figure of Communist Party and Soviet State Grigoriy Konstantinovich Ordzonikidze. 

1964 year The first output of electronic computers "Minsk" of the second generation was began. About 1200 electronic computers "Minsk-2" and its modifications "Minsk-26", "Minsk-27", "Minsk-22", "Minsk-222","Minsk-23" were supplied in national economy.

1968 year The Plant produced first models of the very mass machine of the second generation - "Minsk-32". The quickness of acting of this machine was 66 thousand operations/second, capacity of an efficient memory 128 kilobyte. This machine was widely used in national economy of the country. Practically, all computer centres of the country were furnished by computers "Minsk-32". About 3000 electronic computers of this model were produced. Obviously, it was necessary to go over to single information network in conditions of centralized direction of national economy. Due to this circumstance it was necessary to create A United System of electronic computers and equipments in the outlying districts, which are programme and apparatus compatible between each other. In the second part of 60s Moskow Scientific-research Centre of Electronic Computer Engineering Techniques began to solve this problem.

1971 year The serial output of electronic computers of United System has been started. The first electronic computers of the third generation ES 1020 were produced. Electronic computers "Minsk-32" were recognized as base for organizations on meeting in Budapesht. Electronic computer "Minsk-32" were confered on State "Quality Symbol". The plant was decoreted with Order of Lenin.

1974 year Production capacity of linear-plastic manufacture was put into operation. Minsk Production Association on the basis of Minsk Computer Plant and building Plant was established.

1976 year The capacity of machining manufacturing and protective coatings production were introduced. 

1978 year Begun serial issue PC ЕS 1035, ЕS 1060 - machines of second number of the third generation.

1979 year the Plant of Printed Circuit Boards was put into operation. The plant was build under contract with french firm "SP" and was furnished by the technological equipment of the leading foreign firms, such as Dupont, Digital Systems, Schmid and others. Alongside with producing of multilayer printed circuit boards the plant put into the practice capacity under production of carbide-tipped drills and cutters. Technological line was supplied under contract with german firm "Havera".

1980 year Minsk Association of Computer Engineering Techniques took Prize "Gold Merkuriy" for active international cooperation in production of means of computer engineering techniques.

1983 year "MPOVT" was decorated with Orden of October Revolution under Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet's decree from the 12th, April.

1986 year serial output of electronic computers ES 1065, ES 1066 was began. A plant of personal proffessional electronic computers was created consisting of association. A serial output of personal electronic computers ES 1840 was began. Alongside with organization of mass production of knots, blocks and as a whole electronic computers a section of entrance control of all incoming details which is completed by all necessary equipment was created. Sectors for thermocoaching of knots, blocks and personal electronic computers were organized in production. All these measures allowed to increase annual value of personal electronic computers to 40 000 pieces. There were established in production 7 models of personal electronic computers: ES 1840, ES1841, ES 1842, ES 1851, ES 1849, ES 1863. At present the plant continue to produce personal electronic computers. The production of personal electronic computers is furnished by details of the leading foreign firms. In the end of 80s was established a production of medical complex on the basis of the plant. During 1971-1986 "MPOVT" established output of 10 models of electronic computers ES and computer engineering complex on their basis. There are widly-known in the country electronic computers: ES 1020, ES 1022, ES 1035, ES 1036, ES 1060, ES 1061, ES 1066, ES 1066.90, ES 1130 and computer engineering complexes BK2P35, BK2P36, BK2P60, BK2P61. Alongside with production of universal electronic computers of common use our enterprise specialized on the output of accumulator on magnetic ribbon and details of control for them. All production electronic computers were completed with these details. From 1968 to 1986 the production of 6 models of these details was established.

1990 year Were produced first models of electronic computers 1130 - first models of ES electronic computers of fourth row.

1992 year a serial production of electronic automatic telephone exchanges "Kwant" for rural telephone networks was began. Our enterprise specialized on production of supersonic heat counters. First examples of this production were water counters "Minsk", which were created during technical cooperation with scholars of Belorussian State University. At present our enterprise serial produces a water and heat counter "SWiT-01", which was created by the specialists of the enterprise.

1994 year A production of digital automatic telephone exchanges "Beta" was established.

1999 year a central automatic telephone exchange "Beta" was put into operation. Our Government repeatedly pointed a contribution of our enterprise's body in development of local production of means of computer engineering techniques. A group of workers took a decoration for design and organization of serial production of electronic computers "Minsk" and electronic computers of United System. 9 workers of our enterprise took a title of a prize-winner of USSR State Gratuity. Among a lot of decorations there is a degree of Gagarin for great contribution in development of basis of Gagarin training centre. In 1995 a group of workers took a gratuity of Belorussian Ministry of Industry for design of construction and organization of serial production of digital automatic telephone exchange "Beta".